An Innovative Collaboration

What happens when three of the world’s leading brands collaborate to solve customer problems? You get an innovation unlike any other. Introducing the Origin Series scraped surface heat exchanger – a high-efficiency solution engineered by three of the world’s top SSHE brands – APV, Gerstenberg Schröder and Waukesha Cherry-Burrell. 

The best of three global brands –
in one solution.

With a core goal to provide quality and versatility for optimal manufacturing results, Origin represents the best thinking possible. Engineered exclusively for light-duty hygienic processing of low to medium viscous products, Origin’s modular design enables flexible adaptation to your specific processing needs. From ease of maintenance and serviceability to an emphasis on savings and reduced operating expenses, Origin is one solution worth looking into. 

Origin - The Benefits

  • Customization, configuration, and flexibility
  • Vertical and horizontal orientations
  • Application adaptability
  • Quick and easy maintenance
  • New hinged scraper blade design
  • Single and double mechanical cartridge seal options
  • Global support by experienced engineers

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