Reinforce Worker Safety With Hands-On Service Training  

At Power Team, we share your commitment to safety. We strive to ensure that our high-force tools and equipment are effective and safely used. Investing in the proper employee training is a proactive measure, guarding against lost time, OHSA recordable accidents, company reputation, and equipment damage caused by improper use. Recognizing the potential impact on worker compensation costs, insurance rates, and the overall bottom line, you understand the importance of fostering a safe work environment.

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Group PT 2023
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Our on-site seminars can help your workers service high-force equipment and tools safely! Whether your goal is to safeguard your team or provide a proactive, team-building experience surrounding the safe use of high-power tools and equipment, there is something for everyone at Power Team's Safety Training Seminars.

What to expect
- In-depth training on safe and effective tool usage
- Expert-led sessions at our Rockford, Illinois facility
- Comprehensive coverage to minimize risks and enhance productivity

$500 - Reservations are secured on a first-come, first-serve basis.
Includes lunches, one team dinner, and training materials.
Airfare, Transportation, and lodging are not included.

Classroom topics include
Hand Pumps, Air Pumps, PE55, PE172, Torque Pumps, Valves, Cylinders,
and Torque Wrenches

Event Contact

Chasity Kerley

On-site training schedule

03/11/24 - 03/14/24:  8AM - 4PM CST
04/15/24 - 04/18/24: 8AM - 4PM CST
06/03/24 - 06/06/24: 8AM - 4PM CST
08/12/24 - 08/15/24: 8AM - 4PM CST
10/07/24 - 10/10/24: 8AM - 4PM CST


5885 11th St Rockford, IL 61109


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